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  • 自动化机组采用各种自动控制方式,不仅确保发供电任务的完成,而且能提高供电的可靠性和经济性,改善运行维护人员的工作条件。

Automation generator sets adopt automatic control system, It not only genetates and supplies effectively,but also improves the reliability and economical characters of electricity and economical characters of electricity supply. Moreover,this series generater set can ameliorate the working conditions for workers.

  • 具有自动启动,自动切换,自动停机,自动保护等功能

This kind of machine enioy many functions such as automatic start,automatic stop and automatic protection.

  • 人性化的设计集中在控制面板上,实现所有的功能只需要轻轻的一按。

The humanity design is fully soncentrated on the controller,and can realize all functions edition with only one gently touching.

  • 按照国际标准生产,控制系统采用柴油发电机组全自动控制器实现程序控制,主回路自动切换,机组自动维护准备运行状态。当市电停电或电压不足是,机组在15秒钟内自动启动并带载运行。当市电恢复时,控制系统自动切换负载并自动停车。机组具有对启动失败,水温高,油压低,超速等声光报警系统及停电保护装置。 该类型机组自动化程度高,性能优良,达到国内先进水平。

We manufactured totally according to international standard.The system adopts to odiesel gengerator set controller to achieve program control,so that the major loop automatically swetches and the genset automatically maintains running state. When meet power cut and Jack of woltage, theset will automatically start and sun in 15 seconds-contrary, the control system will automatically cut off,With such protection system .it can avoid high water temperature low oil pressure high automaticity and perfect capability ,can reach national advanced level.

  • 随机存取,具备8台机组的并车能力。

Random access,have ability on merging 8 genera sets.

  • 成套安装控制中心,本地计算机或远程计算机监控。

Control center installed completely, local computer or longdistance computer monitoring.

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